Referral Facilitation Service RFS

Under the new Referral Facilitation Service if we do not state on our referral letter where you would like to be seen the referral centre are obliged to refer you within a 35 mile radius of your home address.  Please let the GP or Nurse Practitioner know where you would like to be seen or if you have a particular consultant in mind please also let us know this as well. 

The new scheme also means that you as the patient need to ring the central referral centre on the Freephone number 0808 169 7905 should you have any queries regarding your referral, should you wish to cancel or change an appointment, or should you just wish to chase up your appointment. 

All communication will be sent to you direct from this point, you will no longer receive your appointment details from the surgery.  However, we are still here to help you and please contact Tracey Cullington or Tracey Atter should you require help.

FREEPHONE NUMBER 0808 169 7905