Carers Support

Support for Unpaid Carers

Who is a Carer?

Do you look after a relative or friend who due to ill health, physical or mental illness, disability, frailty or addiction cannot manage without your support?  Then you are a Carer and may want to talk to someone about your caring role and any support needs you many have. Let us know if you are a carer by using this form.

Anyone can become a Carer.  Carers come from all walks of life, all cultures and can be any age.

A young Carer is someone under the age of 18.

Please speak to a member of the Practice Team.

Services Available

Lincolnshire Carers Service

Lincolnshire County Council's Customer Service Centre and Carers FIRST working in partnership to deliver the Lincolnshire Carers Service.

Tel 01522 782224

(Adult and Young Adult Carers)

Lincolnshire County Council Young Carers Team

Tel 01522 553275

(Young Carers under 18)

Out Of Hours Duty Team

Tel 01522 782333

Carers UK

They’re here to make sure that no matter how complicated your query or your experience, you don’t have to care alone.

Telephone: 020 7378 4999


Useful Links

We have attached below some useful links which may be of use to our population of carers.

Your guide to care and support

Please see link to information on carer’s, including support, advice, useful videos and more.

Being a young carer - Your rights

A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps look after a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem.

If you're a young carer, you probably look after one of your parents, or care for a brother or sister. You may do extra jobs in and around the home, such as cooking, cleaning, or helping someone to get dressed and move around.

How to get a carer's assessment

If you provide care and support to an adult friend or family member or a disabled child, you may be eligible for support from your local council.

Before you receive any help from your local council, you need to have a carer's assessment. As a carer you have a right to an assessment of your needs.

You can contact the Adult Social Care - Carers Team on 01522 782155.

Caring for someone with Dementia at home

Carer's Breaks and Respite Care

Your carer's assessment may identify that you need a break from caring from time to time.

Carers breaks are so you can look after your own health and wellbeing. For example, it may be that you need regular replacement overnight care so you can catch up on your sleep.

Decision making and mental capacity

What is the Mental Capacity Act?

How is mental capacity assessed?

Lasting powers of attourney.

Housing and Carers

Going into a care home is a major commitment. Before you opt for a move to a care home, you may wish to consider other less disruptive – and potentially lest costly – options. Please see the attached link for more information.

Financial Matters Associated with Caring:

Benefits for Carers

Knowing what benefits you are entitled to can make a real difference.

Benefits for the person you care for

How your care is funded

Do you qualify for council funding?

Alternatives to council funding.

Challenging a benefits decision

If you are not happy with the decision made about the income related benefit that you’ve claimed, you can find useful advice here.

Help with Health Costs